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Steve Berwick sitting on beach at sunset

A Little History...

"If you're going to take a shot, make sure the first one counts, for you may never get a second opportunity!"

Outlaw Medic Photography ( was started as an amateur hobby, with a desire to share just a small part of the beautiful world we live in with others.  What started out as an occasional photo here and there has blossomed to the website you see here, with bigger and better plans constantly in the works.  The world is full of photo opportunities, each telling a story of their own, ready to teach us if we but take the time to look, listen, and learn.

To date, Outlaw Medic Photography has dealt primarily with wildlife photography, always seeking to provide people with photos of the beautiful nature around us.  My photos have been ordered and printed to hang up in people's homes and businesses alike!  While I have done the occasional portrait photography session, and even some events like the announcement of a baby's soon arrival and a wedding, I have primarily stuck to shooting wildlife and nature, as this has been my specialty for several years.  However, I am seeking to expand my horizons and perhaps include more people photo shoots in the future.  Time will tell.... For now, though, continue to look for great wildlife shots here on!

So please take a moment to browse around, enjoy the photos, perhaps order some of your favorites in print (every dollar raised from the sale of photos helps me to arrange for more photo opportunities and upgrade my equipment), and feel free to shoot me a message with requests for specific wildlife photos you'd like to see (I have hundreds, even thousands that are not uploaded yet!) and / or comments for past, present, and future photos! Thank you for visiting!

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