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***The watermark seen on each photo will not be on the final product that you receive in the mail unless the photo is a special promotion product offered for download***

NOTICE - Shipping and handling is INCLUDED in the price!! (Media Mail, no insurance)

Please be aware that some photos may be slightly cropped when you receive them, depending on the size photo you select. This is normal in photography prints.

Please click on the subject matter you'd like to see, or you can just type into the search box below the subject of the pictures you'd like to see, and it will call up a list of photos that have to do with that topic.  For example, if you want to see pictures of owls, just type "owl" into the search box and it will call up all the photos I have listed so far with owls in them. Thank you for browsing my photos, and again, please come back often as I will be uploading more and more photos!

Aerial / Drone Shots

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