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Fairs and Rodeos!!

It's that time of year, and dare I say is almost gone already when local county fairs are running full bore. And along with all the vendors, great food, arts and crafts and farm animals comes spectator sports and activities, one of my favorite being rodeos! Whether High School or professional, these athletes are fun to watch and put their heart and soul into every ride! I encourage everyone, if you haven't already attended one of these events, please make sure you attend and show your support by clapping and cheering them on as they compete for the best times in events like pole bending, goat tying, team roping, bull riding, bronc riding, and more!

As a tribute to these fine cowboys and cowgirls, and to help get my name out there for custom photography, I will be posting pictures of some of the participants from the latest events and allowing these participants to download for only a PENNY (that's right - just $0.01!!) pictures of themselves and / or their friends. All I ask in return is that you spread my name and website around, giving credit where credit is due for the photos. :) There will, however, be a limit of only 4 downloads per picture before the photo is no longer available for download at the special price of just ONE PENNY!! I'm still working on getting the cart feature set up, so please check back soon for completion of this project!

I apologize that I was not able to get photos of every participant - the number or quality of photos is in no way intended to reflect any partiality on my part. As the world of photography goes, sometimes photos turn out "picture-perfect" and other times, not so perfect! So I did my best to choose the clearest, most in-focus shots and post them. But don't worry - I will be attending more events and hope to post the results from those events as well. All of this, of course, takes time, so if you don't see photos from the rodeos yet, check back often, as I will be processing and uploading shots throughout the coming weeks.

Thanks, and to our awesome rodeo participants - take a deep seat, keep a tight rein, and enjoy the ride!

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