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Update on Downloading Rodeo pics...

Ok folks - my apologies. I originally planned on allowing up to 5 photos of each rodeo / horse show contestant to be downloaded absolutely FREE, but I have just learned that unfortunately there is no way of setting up a shopping cart feature and still offer photos for free, as Paypal cannot process $0.00. That is why I had to charge 1 CENT for each photo of rodeo and horse show contestants. I truly apologize for the small charge. AND, in order to try to protect the individuals in the photos, that is why I limited each photo to only five downloads, as the main purpose of this section (the Rodeo section) was to allow each contestant the opportunity to get what they hopefully deemed a good, professional photo of themselves in action. So why 5 copies instead of just 1? I figured there would be family and friends who also might like copies. And yes, once you download a copy, you very well could just send a copy of that picture to your family / friends and I'm truly ok with that, as my goal was never to make money on this first series of shots anyway. Again, though, all I ask is that you please pass my name and info on to others for a recommendation of photos in the future.

Thank you, and happy trails!

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