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Still a work in progress....

So, I realize that it has been a long time since I have added new content to this website - my deepest apologies. I have been so busy taking photos that I have not taken the time to actually UPLOAD them to my website for all of you to enjoy! So, my deepest apologies for that!

To just give everybody a little update, I actually accepted the advice of several friends who suggested I enter a local fair's photography contest. I did so (my first photo contest EVER!) and am excited to post the results of those shots for you all here to see! Rather than just type out what pictures I used and how I did, I will update this page soon with photo results of that contest! So, stay tuned and check back often for those results!

Also, I have started a new category of photos called "Now and Then". This series essentially attempts to recreate as perfectly as possible photos from 100+ years ago, trying to stand in the exact same location that photos were taken so long ago. This series has been a wonderful enjoyment for me, showing how much progress (or regression, as I sometimes think) we have made over the past 100 or so years. Stay tuned for this series as well, which I hope to have posted soon.

So, lots of things going on, besides keeping busy working my regular full time jobs. But check back often, and I will do my best to have these things updated as soon as possible! Thank you for subscribing, and be sure to subscribe and click on the little "bell" to my YouTube channel as well, where I post videos of all sorts of topics - from lighthouses to covered bridges to testing out products!

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