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Now Providing Voiceover Work!

First of all, happy new year to all! May this new year find you all doing well!

I am happy to announce that Outlaw Medic Photography has been chosen to assist a YouTube channel creator with doing voiceover work for a new Wild West series-type documentary! More details will be provided as this work progresses, but for now, be on the lookout for announcements regarding this awesome new project! The first story has been narrated and is currently in the works for being published to YouTube soon! As soon as this project is fully up and running, I will provide a link for you all to check out this exciting new endeavor!

Secondly, I have been fortunate enough to obtain several new lenses, all of a much higher quality than I've previously owned, so I look forward to providing even higher quality photographs and photography services! Of course this time of year has made getting photos difficult due to the freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and now rains. But, rest assured, Outlaw Medic Photography is still quite active behind the scenes! As always, continue to check out my Instagram page - - and be sure to follow me to get notified of new content. I try to post new photos and content several times a week, so that is the best way to stay informed of my current work!

Thank you to all those who continue to support my work through their kind comments, orders for prints, requests for photo shoots, and follows on social media! I appreciate it greatly! Seeing the joy other people receive from my photos is what makes it all worth while!

Stay tuned for the above-mentioned project updates - coming soon!!


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