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Outlaw Medic Photography, now doing Podcasts!!

Good evening, all! I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that, in addition to doing narration work for the YouTube channel, Wildwestfaces, we now have our very own podcast!! That's right - all of the Wild West stories you love, recounting historical, factual events from the Old West - eyewitness accounts, masterfully narrated by Steve Berwick of Outlaw Medic Photography, of gunfights, Indian raids on forts, wildlife encounters, shootouts, and more can be heard on our very own Podcast. Listen now on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio!! Just do a search for "Wildwestfaces" on any of these platforms, and you will find our podcast!! Be sure to subscribe and follow to be notified of each new story that I post!! Stay tuned for updates about this exciting new adventure!!

Also, if you want the fastest, easiest method of listening to the podcast, just listen RIGHT ON MY WEBSITE HOMEPAGE!! That's right - now you can simply log on to and click on the iHeartRadio link towards the bottom of the page to immediately listen to the latest podcast!! How easy is that?! If you would, then, please be sure to follow me on any or all podcast platforms - Spotify, Amazon Music, and / or iHeartRadio, as it helps me out greatly with subscribers! Thank you very much!


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