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Yes, Outlaw Medic Photography is still alive and well!!

Though this website has been a work in progress, spanning over several years without much noticeable change, have no fear - is still alive and well! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter months have come and gone, and every available opportunity that I have had has found me somewhere in the great outdoors, taking photos of beautiful nature and the wildlife it contains - everything from bears to deer to birds to eagles and everything in between. As is so often the case, taking photos of animals and nature has been much easier than getting all those photos processed and posted. My apologies for that! But please be aware that I am most definitely still VERY active in the world of photography, and seeking out almost on a daily basis those photos that would please the most avid nature lover!

While I do not have these photos all uploaded here on this website, I would invite everyone to please follow me on Instagram where I post photos almost every single day. I do not have Facebook, but continue to use Instagram to get my photos out before the public, sharing my love for nature with fellow nature-enthusiasts. So please feel free to not only subscribe to my website here, but please look me up on Instagram (search for Outlaw Medic Photos or speedypickup), follow me, and feel free to drop me a message there to say hello! I read and respond to every message I receive!

As always, I appreciate the dedication of those who have been following me, encouraging and inspiring me with their gracious comments. By God's grace, I hope to continue to provide wonderful photos for individuals to admire and appreciate the beauties of God's creation all around us!


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