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Check out my Instagram account!

Instagram has photos posted almost every day from Outlaw Medic Photography!

Be sure to visit my Instagram site and subscribe by clicking on the little link below here:

While I am still working on getting more photos uploaded to this website, you can always view my most recent photos on Instagram! I try to post almost every day on that site, showing my subscribers more wildlife and travel content! As always, if you see something on Instagram that you would like to order in print or digital form, just shoot me a message either here or on Instagram, and I will get your order together for you right away!

As always, thank you for subscribing, and for all the comments I have received on my photos thus far! Photography is an ever-developing art, one that teaches me something new all the time. So thank you for your patronage as I continue to learn more tips and tricks and hopefully make improvements in my photos and videos!

Mountain Goat and baby on a rock ledge with Steve Berwick in foreground
Steve standing in front of a Mountain Goat and its baby


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